News - 7.3.2018
COTEC Product Innovation Awards 2019
ITSector was one of the finalists of COTEC Product Innovation Awards

The Product Innovation Awards are promoted by COTEC, the leading Portuguese business association for the incentive of innovation and business technological cooperation, and ANI (National Innovation Agency).

ITSector, representing the spinoff ITSCREDIT, demonstrated an innovative software that consists of an omnichannel credit solution that aggregates the whole lifecycle of this process, from simulation to disbursement, and was presented by CEO João Lima Pinto.

The awards ceremony was held in Évora, on May 22nd 2018, at the 15th National Innovation Meeting. According to COTEC, the goal of this initiative is "to publicly reward and publicize innovative products aimed at global markets and developed by companies operating in Portugal, as a result of their consistent and continuous business innovation activity carried out in our country."

Therefore, the software developed by ITSector and ITSCREDIT, was recognized as an innovative and excellent example, contributing to the positive references of the work developed nationally.