Omnichannel Banking


Omnichannel self-serve solutions such as internet banking and mobile banking heightening banks and
credit unions’ Digital Transformation.


Internet Banking

A cutting-edge way of handling day-to-day operations, available for both individual, retail, business, and corporate clients.

Mobile Banking

Through an innovative approach, Mobile Banking Application brings optimized e-banking features and daily interactions anytime, anywhere, on every device.

Watch Banking

An internet banking application for smartwatches that allows notifications, messages, and real-time queries.

Digital Account Opening

The painful experience of opening bank accounts the traditional way is being replaced by online banking.


Within the ebankIT platform, the back-office acts as the core of the bank's omnichannel experience.

Contact Center

Emails, Chats, calls and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) customer service, all seamlessly integrated through a single and user-friendly interface.

Branch Front-office

The new generation branch front-office is oriented towards organizing daily branch activities, creating new ways and opportunities to contact clients and deliver complete and accurate customer service.