Application Management Services

ITSector's consultants offer the knowledge and know-how of a cutting-edge technology company.

Application Management Services (AMS) - Managing software applications is a complex task that does not end with go-live. Instead, applications must be continuously maintained, and the business and users supported.

In order to respond to business and demands, new technologies and projects of our clients, we intend to be your new partner, following some fundamental principles:

  • Production and delivery quality; keeping the quality of delivery continuously in compliance with the agreed SLA’s, with no impacts on business production must be face and unnecessary errors and defects must be completely mitigated within the delivery cycle;
  • Continuous improvement and innovation; ability to work together with you, adding value by helping you improve, and bringing knowledge and experience of new technologies to new solutions;
  • CORE Specialized teams: we intend to help you increase your access to new and sophisticated set of skills;
  • Flexibility; easier and quicker scale up and down team capacity according to run-the- business evolving needs;
  • Commitment;

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