An Omnichannel approach to healthcare

  • Research and Development

    Keeping a focus on end results, we achieve required standards by relying on the latest technology to conceive innovative processes and solutions.

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Healthcare and Well-being

In a world where technology meets well-being, IT sector in on top of its game, developing mobile Apps that combine business management and end-user consumers.

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  • Mobile Health Apps

    Mobility, more than fashion or a trend, is vital in an ever-moving area, either for institutions or end-users.

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Promoting efficiency and usability for end-user satisfaction and responding to institution and customer needs.

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  • Population Health Management

    Solutions dedicated to collecting, processing and analyzing large amounts of Public Health information. Simulating and guiding health policies in order to better respond to patients and minimize resource consumption.

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We develop specific features for this integrated solution, developed over Microsoft SharePoint: E-learning, managing job offers and scheduling holidays, for example. All of this supported by management and workflow validation.

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  • Contact Center

    Provide your company with a more effective and faster way of communicating with your costumers. Improve service quality targeting customer satisfaction. Find out more about IT sector’s solutions for Contact Center Services.

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In the consumer sector, CRM systems allow organizations to better anticipate and meet customer needs, which in return increases sales revenue. When applied to the healthcare industry, Healthcare CRM methods can help care providers, hospitals, clinics and physicians nurture patient relationships to develop confidence that the best possible care will be given should the need arise.

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Outsourcing Services

Specialized software engineers
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