Banking Solutions

Efficient solutions for Banking , with transactions on all devices and channels

  • Credit Solutions

    If you are looking for a credit management solution that meets your needs, IT sector helps you focus and reach your working capital and customer intimacy goals.

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Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is the fastest growing channel in banking history. Have your services available anywhere, anytime with our omnichannel innovative solutions for different mobile systems.

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  • Intranet

    In order to ensure the internal needs of the organization, the intranet solution is designed to respond to all areas and departments, such as Commercial, Financial, HR, Marketing, Innovation and others. In addition to the general content features, news and information sharing, this solution provides a portal developer, where everyone can see your information and have an integrated view of their business in the Portal.

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Web solutions responsive design, with an interface adapted to any device: desktop, tablet or mobile. Offering a better user experience and equipped with back-office content management and publication. We develop web portals meeting the client’s technological needs, such as SharePoint, Umbraco, among others.

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  • BI & Big data

    IT sector has the skills that allow full delivery to costumers, covering the two dimensions of Business Intelligence and Information Management: Pipeline (technical infrastructure) and Business Knowledge. Selective or massive processes, Big Data, in-memory processing, Hadoop based on different technologies by the need SAS, Microsoft BI, Oracle BI, QlikView and Microstrategy.

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Commercial Proactivity

A solution that, from a center-point, monitors the activities of the branch and can detect areas that need assistance, defining goals according to the branch size. Allow managers to streamline their strategies, manage daily activities and provide a commercial portal for employees, thus being a support tool for bank management.

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  • CRM

    A solution for commercial dynamics, based on MS CRM Dynamics, with a mobile application for financial institutions sales teams, in order to manage all commercial effort and sales.

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Internet Banking

Our responsive internet banking solution is one of the leading examples on omnichannel innovation – recognized by various bank clients and end-users. Internet Banking is available for retail and corporate clients, making the vast majority of banking operations available and personalized. Whichever the bank segment, your bank will be always just a click away from your customers.

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  • Contact Center

    Provide your bank with a more effective and faster way of communicating with your customers. Improve service quality targeting customer satisfaction. Find out more about IT sector’s solutions for Contact Center Services.

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Branch Front-Office

An agile platform to organize daily branch activity, connected with a unique service channel that allows your bank to contact with your customers in a new way.

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  • Account Opening

    A branch application, intended to support the complete opening of a new account and its maintenance procedures. A simple 7 step process, in just 15 minutes. Our account opening 15’ is the perfect solution for your bank to speed up an account opening. The entire process handled in just 15 minutes, from data retrieval to approval, all in one banking solution.

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Grant your bank a new way to promote interaction through banking kiosks in a simple and intuitive manner. It allows customers immediate access to banking transactions, services and consultations, executing them with a high level of autonomy, security and swiftness.

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  • Document management

    The IT sector Document Management solution is based on Microsoft SharePoint technology. This solution is based on two concepts: Digital Archive and Documentation Center.

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Outsourcing Services

Specialized software engineers
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