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IT sector has wide production capacity. With several service management models, we rely on Scrum Methodology for the success of our projects.

We promote an intercultural integration within our teams, including several languages.

Our Outsourcing and Nearshore services excel in the selection process of our human resources, specialized in advanced technologies, as well as recruiting in renowned European colleges. 


Production Capacity

Large Capacity/per month

4 Nearshore Capacity Centers

Porto, Braga, Aveiro and Lisbon

Qualified engineers in advanced technologies

.NET , IBM, JAVA , iOS , Android , W8, Oracle among others

Development capacity of Web Based and Mobile Applications

Mobile, Web, CRM and other business areas

Wide range of specialized people

Developers, Analysts, Architects, Consultants, Project Managers, Web designer, among others

Set of services

Time and Material; Individual or Teams ; Architects ; Project Managers

From strategic locations in Portugal, a country named by Gartner as one of the leading Nearshore software development destinations, IT sector provides service to a network of more than 20 countries, including Angola, Mozambique, UK, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, France, Iceland, Denmark, Macau, Timor, South Africa, among others.

The Scrum Methodologies, the Certification Process and quality control, performed by our certified technicians, guarantee our service quality.

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