News - 9.3.2018
Professional requalification program

Porto Tech Hub is a non-profit organization that aims to cultivate and promote the city of Porto as a global technology reference center. SWitCH is a training program that derived from a partnership between Porto Tech Hub and ISEP (Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto) with the goal to requalify individuals from various educational backgrounds, who wish to work in the information technology market. Essentially, this initiative wants to respond to the human resources’ needs in the IT field and to contribute to lower Portugal’s unemployment rate.

Participants of this innovative program start with a 9-month educational component at ISEP, completing a specialization course in Software Development, which combines project-based learning with agile methodologies of team development. In the 12 following months, students do a paid internship at one for Porto Tech Hub’s associated companies.

ITSector is proud to be one of these associated companies and to support SWitCH program. We have many professional opportunities with great career prospects for students who want to start a new path in a challenging environment. Applications are open until September 18th, 2018. Apply to SWitCH and join ITSector for a brighter future!