News - 11.23.2018
Social Banking
The New Social App for Banco Único.

Banco Único in Mozambique has launched the Único SocialApp, an innovative app, available for iOS and Android systems, which allows bank clients to manage their accounts through their smartphones. Loans, "xitique" and splitting bills within friends, are some of the functionalities of this application that can be used simply and quickly. 

António Correia, CEO of Banco Único, stated that this is an "absolutely innovative and pioneering service in the market", assuming the "commitment to be a different and challenging Bank".

ITSector proudly developed this project and we assume ourselves as partners in the innovation and digital transformation of banking institutions, attesting the commitment to provide the best service and to boost their business through software of excellence.

You can read more about this application developed by ITSector in Correio da Manhã de Moçambique.