News - 7.25.2018
ITSector's Best Year so Far
Established goals are achieved and exceeded

The financial sector’s growing focus on digital transformation, along with the credit product of the new spin-off – ITSCREDIT-, is guaranteeing ITSector´s best year ever.

After analysing the first semester, we confirm that a €16M revenue is already guaranteed, which exceeds the forecast made in the previous year.

According to the company’s President, Renato Oliveira, “In the first semester we have already grown 15% compared to last year, where we earned €14.4M. More than 90% of our revenue comes from the financial sector because we are a renowned company, both in Portugal and in the several international markets we operate in, due to our solid knowledge in digital transformation and our sustainable growth.

In Portugal, Renato Oliveira points out that “we are witnessing a commitment by Portuguese banking decision makers in accompanying the market’s evolution at a global scale”, reiterating, “the increase in the revenue has led to successive reinvestments in people and facilities.”

You can read more about the media analysis of our first semester here.