News - 6.14.2019
ITSector supports employees’ family
Company offers €500 for each child

ITSector continuously strives to find new ways to improve the work-life balance and wellbeing of our employees. Our company culture focuses on keeping them comfortable, happy, promoting team work and spirit, dedication, and a healthy environment.    

In this respect, ITSector gives each employee a voucher of 500€ for each new child. This initiative demonstrates the DNA of our organizational culture, recognizing the importance of family for the well-being of our employees.    

Maria Inês Domingues, ITSector’s Head of People and Culture, explains that ‘’The initiative is a simple reflection of our identity. We are a big company that still values detail, proximity, attention, and family. In essence, this is a simple demonstration of how much we want to promote work-life balance and overall well-being of our employees, by recognizing the importance of this dimension in our life and well-being.’’

In addition to this incentive, all ITSector’s employees have access to health insurance, as well as special conditions in gyms, clinics pharmacies, banks and travel agencies.

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