News - 11.6.2019
Inauguration in Castelo Branco
6th ITSector Development Center

On November 6th, ITSector inaugurated its 6th Software Development Center in national territory, located in CEI - Centro de Empresas Inovadoras of Castelo Branco.

With this investment, estimated at €3M by the end of 2020, ITSector adds another location to its units in Porto (headquarters), Lisbon, Braga, Aveiro and Bragança. This space will be dedicated to the development of nearshore projects for the financial sector, and a recruitment action is underway with a view to reaching, by the end of 2019, the 17 employees to operate from Castelo Branco.

In the words of Renato Oliveira, President of the ITSector Group "we started our activity today in Castelo Branco and we have a lot of job opportunities, because we aim to quickly reach 17 employees by the end of 2019. We are trying to create a team that specializes in cutting-edge technology, with great focus on the financial sector, Artificial Intelligence and 5G. The growth prospect in Castelo Branco will continue next year and our goal is to attain 50 employees by the end of 2020”.

With this focus on Castelo Branco, ITSector intends to continue to expand its attractiveness in different national geographies beyond major urban centers, creating new qualified employment opportunities for software industry professionals who want to develop a career in the technology field, in their hometown or choose from the usual alternatives of location in the major centers, ensuring a higher quality of life at a more attractive cost.

Founded in Porto in 2005, ITSector is a 100% Portuguese company and has been a key partner in the digital transformation of financial institutions in over 20 countries. The ITSector Group has over 700 employees spread across Europe, Africa and North America and a turnover of over €34M in 2019.