News - 12.17.2018
Our office in Bragança is expanding 
ITSector creates 50 job openings.
ITSector announced, on December 17, that we are already in the process of recruiting to increase the number of employees to work in the Center for Advanced Technologies in Bragança, to reach 80 employees by the end of 2019. To keep up with the growth of the team, we will expand our offices in Brigantia Ecopark, in order to give opportunity to local residents that want to develop their technological career or that wish to return to their homeland. The plan also involves recruiting professionals from other nationalities, namely Brazil.

Considering all the investment made in facilities and human capital since 2017 in Bragança, we can calculate a global investment of around € 1M, in a period of two years.

Renato Oliveira, ITSector's President, stated that "we want to capture the young people who train at Instituto Politécnico de Bragança and Escola Superior de Mirandela, but also senior elements who can contribute with their maturity in the development of critical systems in the financial area, which is our core business", further reinforcing the belief that the option to work in Bragança "will provide employees with a very attractive quality and cost of living, especially when compared to large urban centers that are, naturally, more expensive and busy".