News - 9.4.2019
ITSector acquires Bitmaker
We keep growing

This week, ITSector announced the acquisition of Bitmaker, a Portuguese technology company with skills in software engineering and design, which has reference clients in the national and international market, such as the Portuguese Professional Football League, the Porto City Council, Porto Tourism Association, Tonic App, Infraspeak, Cisco, Foehn, Sodexo, Impulzity, among others.

With the acquisition of Bitmaker, ITSector intends to increase the implementation of projects in other business areas, besides banking and the financial sector, expanding its activity internationally, by exploring markets where ITSector already operates, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Poland in Europe, Angola, Mozambique and Kenya in the African market, and Canada in North America, among others. Ricardo Fernandes will continue to be responsible for leading Bitmaker, who will retain the role of CEO, whilst Renato Oliveira and Jorge Ferreira, from ITSector's administration,  will join the company's board.

Founded in 2012, Bitmaker is now part of the ITSector universe, while maintaining its location at Founders Founders, at Rua da Constituição, in Porto.

Bitmaker has been recognized for participating in technologically complex projects, such as the E-League platform of the Portuguese Professional Football League, which dematerializes the whole process of managing professional football championship games in Portugal.

According to ITSector's management, "in the short term, a remarkable increase in the number of employees is expected to sustain the intended growth, with the implementation of projects that already exist in the portfolio".