News - 1.20.2019
Great Challenges Ahead
2018 Overview and Expectations for 2019

ITSector forecasts a growth of more than 20% in 2019, reaching €22m.

After finishing last year with a turnover of €18m, exceeding the goals initially set, we will, in 2019, intensify our presence in America.

Europe and Canada were the markets where ITSector services grew the most in 2018, contributing actively to a volume of exports of around 30%.

In parallel, ITSector is also preparing to launch another spin-off, SecuritySide, a cyber-security start-up. SecuritySide solutions will enable financial platforms to leverage online defense systems against fraud, phishing and other risks associated with their activities on the Internet.

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In order keep this sustainable growth, we will maintain the high recruitment rate that we have been carrying out. Want to be part of the team? Get to know the opportunities here.