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ITSector Group

Established in 2005, ITSector is a Portuguese Software Development Company created to provide the IT Market with high value solutions.

The ITSector Group is currently composed of five companies, including ebankIT (an omnichannel banking company), Bitmaker and ITSector Mozambique.

Focused on strengthening commercial ties with Africa, ITSector has formed a strategic partnership with CPC África.

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Nearshore Capacity & Outsourcing

Our Outsourcing and Nearshore services excel in the selection process of our human resources, specializing in advanced technologies.

From strategic locations in Portugal, a country named by Gartner as one of the leading Nearshore software development destinations, ITSector serves more than 20 countries, including Angola, Mozambique, UK, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, France, Iceland, Denmark, Macau, Timor, South Africa, among others.

The Scrum Methodologies, certification process and quality control provided by certified technicians, guarantee of our service quality.