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Next Level Academy

Next Level Academy

Next Level Academy is ITSector's paid internship program. We created our academy to bet on young talent, valuing junior profiles, their professional future and capabilities.

Do you want to be part of this innovative team with a healthy work environment?


Let’s take a look at the profile we are looking for:

  • Ambitious people with a passion for this area;
  • Students of Computer Engineering or similar degrees;
  • Written and verbal communication skills (Portuguese and English);
  • Ability to work effectively and manage deadlines;
  • Sense of responsibility, commitment and integrity;
  • Focus on innovation, dynamism, autonomy and teamwork.
  • People interested in becoming an expert in one of the following technologies:
  • .NET | C#, ASP.NET, MVC and/or Webforms; WCF, Webservices SOAP and REST; Javascript, Typescript, HTML and CSS; Angular and jQuery;
  • iOS |Mobile sector, Objective C and/or Swift; Web Services (AFNetworking/ alamofire JSON, Unitary Tests, GIT/SVN, Core data;
  • Android | Object Oriented Programming and and Source Control Management (GIT); Android SDK;
  • JAVA | Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, XML, JSON e SQL, Application Servers, like Apache Tomcat, Wildfly or similar, PostgreSQL, MYSQL, Oracle or similar;
  • REACT / Frontend | Javascript, AngularJS, jQuery, CSS, HTTP and HTML, Javascript, AngularJS, jQuery, CSS, HTTP and HTML, Native, Bootstrap, Sass or Less, ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET Core, HTML5 and CSS3;


What can you expect?

  • National and international projects;
  • A fair system of competitive rewards upon knowledge and experience;
  • Certification and training, to become the best version of yourself!;
  • Happiness and well-being at work;
  • Committed and successful teams;
  • Opportunity to work in a challenging environment with dynamic teams and innovative projects;
  • Enable students with technological skills framed in our work methodology;
  • Try to integrate, after the internship and according to ITSector's needs, the most competent graduates in the company.


What are you waiting for?

Apply now and join ITSector's family!

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